DL’s dismissal

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The dismissal of Health Minister D.L. Ravindra Reddy was long expected. The way he was going about criticising the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy as also the various welfare schemes of the State Government, he should have been sacked long ago. It has become a fashion in the Congress party to criticise the local leadership claiming internal democracy. For long, the Hyderabad Brothers P. Janardhana Reddy and Marri Sasidhar Reddy raised din against the Rajasekhara Reddy Government day in and day out. K Kesava Rao and V. Hanumantha Rao were no less critical. Then it was the turn of Shankar Rao to criticise the State Government. He was promptly axed. DL was fretting and fuming for over a couple of years without reason.

It is to the credit of Kiran Kumar Reddy that he has been soft on many others including Vatti Vasantha Kumar who is critical of him. For that matter, most of his Cabinet members had been continuing since YSR times. These ministers in the Cabinet have failed to understand that they should follow discipline and cannot criticise the Chief Minister openly. They are welcome to take the battle to the Congress high command which has the dubious distinction of changing Chief Ministers in Andhra Pradesh at the drop of a hat.

Now DL says the CM could have asked him to put in papers instead of sacking him. DL should have resigned on his own before launching a tirade against the CM. He has no business to continue in the Cabinet if he does not get along with the CM. The high command certainly does not come into picture here as it is the prerogative of the CM to choose his Cabinet colleagues.

That DL has not learnt his lessons even after his dismissal is evident from the fact he is critical of the most populist schemes which are expected to propel the Congress party to power for another term. He launched a broadside against the CM for a full 75 minutes on Tuesday at the media point on the Assembly premises itself, something which should be decried by the entire Cabinet. That he met another dissident, the Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Raj Narasimha who is not seeing eye to eye with the CM, adds insult to injury. What are they up to? Do they want to bring down the Government or change the CM? The Deputy CM should also resign if he cannot stomach what Kiran Kumar Reddy does. Or else, he can take the matter to the high command and become CM himself, if he has so much clout. But continuing to criticise CM even while staying in the Cabinet smacks of indiscipline.

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