Patience pays

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The induction of senior Congress MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao into the Union Cabinet only proves that patience always pays. True, he was very frustrated the last time when he was not taken in and even threatened to quit the party if it continued to discriminate against him. That he is made a Cabinet Minister is fully justified since many of his juniors have already served the post and those who joined decades after him are now Ministers of State. Also, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could not have other options as nothing less is unacceptable to the five-time Lok Sabha member from Eluru.

KSR’s elevation will also silence critics from Telugu Desam Party that the Kamma community which the TDP is identified with, has been neglected in the Congress party. The denial of ministerial berth to him all these years on the grounds he is a businessman is also incorrect as several other businessmen and industrialists are serving in the Central as well as State Cabinets and some of them, instead of serving the society, are even serving their own cause.

KSR is different. He is uncompromising on the Telangana issue and is champion of integrated State. He gathered all the people’s representatives at Delhi on a single platform when it mattered most and made it clear to the UPA that bifurcation of AP is unacceptable. KSR was frowned upon by the Telangana counterparts who saw him standing between them and Telangana State but the Eluru MP did not relent.

The other leader JD Seelam should consider himself lucky to become MoS in Finance Ministry. For, merely serving as IAS Officer cannot make him automatic choice for the Cabinet. There is no denying the fact he is efficient which was why he was made a Rajya Sabha member quite early and now elevated as Minister. Monday’s reshuffle benefited Andhra Pradesh most with two out the eight belonging to the State, increasing its strength to one dozen. Of course, the numbers are not the right indication and how they serve the State from Delhi is important which will in turn help the Congress party in the next elections.

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