Pseudo manifesto

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The dictionary clearly states that a manifesto is, ‘a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate’. But Rahul Gandhi seems to have derived a new meaning for it in Rajasthan recently. In his words, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi said, “Usually, the party manifesto is made by four or five people behind closed doors. I want the people to contribute…the youth, the women…our political system needs to be much more inclusive.” (sic). No doubt a very noble thought! In this connection he has launched a new website which will collect feedback and suggestions from people. A long process indeed and a very short time to fulfill it! One also needs to remember the fact that a very small percentage has access to the internet and this might prove a hitch for the idea to take shape. If perhaps, he had envisioned this a couple of months ago, the manifesto would have been ready by now!

It will probably augur well for Rahul to take a page off from Modi’s speech in Kanpur recently where he doesn’t mince words in taunting the Congress party and it’s leaders. After all, isn’t that what happens during every election? Pull down the other parties, promise the public the world, and once elected, turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the manifesto. With the look of things, the coming elections is going to be no different from the past ones.

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