The onus is on GVMC

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Quality checks by a third party to find out the alleged lapses in the structure of the newly constructed 1.6 kms long ‘Telugu Talli’ flyover between Vemana Mandiram in Asilmetta and MES Junction(Railway Station) at the present juncture, is like “Crying over spilt milk”.

The monitoring of construction of the flyover should have started at an early stage by experts from GEO and Civil Engineering departments of Andhra University from the pile foundation itself with continous corrections at equal intervals as and when necessary. However even the people who are now making the allegations regarding the faulty alignment of pillars, the unusual and uneven design, etc are equally at fault for not insisting on proper monitoring etc while the construction was in progress.

All said and done, it is now the responsibility of the GVMC authorities to put this controversy to rest by making public the local structural engineers opinion who gave the clearance certificate for it.

After all it is for the convenience of public, constructed with public money.

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