Yasin arrest

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The arrest of the banned Indian Mujahideen founder Yasin Bhatkal along with his lieutenant Asadullah Akhtar alias Haddi on the India-Nepal border in Bihar on Thursday is a big achievement for the police. It took the police six full months to nab him. Yasin who is among the top ten wanted terrorists has been the key conspirator in several bomb blasts in the country. His arrest along with Haddi can be termed a major breakthrough as the duo was planning blasts during Dasara and Diwali period.

Unfortunately, the 32-year old Yasin whose actual name is Mohammed Ahmed Siddibappa hails from within the country, from Bhatkal village in Karnataka. He had failed in his X class and migrated to Dubai in the year 2005 and since 2007, his family is unaware of his whereabouts, it is said. He had a hand in the Gujarat riots of 2002 which saw formation of several Jehadi outfits in India. He founded the Indian Mujahideen in the year 2004 along with Iqbal, Riaz and some others in Bhatkal. IM was active in Hyderabad old city in Andhra Pradesh. He triggered bomb blasts in 2007 which claimed over seven lives in Hyderabad and another 17 in Pune which is known as German Bakery blast case.  Yasin is also said to be a master in fake currency and had arranged finances for most of the bombings, the money sourced through hawala operators in Dubai.

In Dilshuknagar of Hyderabad during February this year, Intelligence agencies tracked telephone calls being made from Nepal to Bhatkal and other areas. The leads took them to Yasin who was calling relatives in Bhatkal.  It is believed that Yasin had revealed a lot of information about Pakistan’s role in several serial blasts in India. He had also provided information about the hideouts of other operatives not only in our country, but also in Nepal.

The IM has been active all over India and operates in its own name, sending e-mails to the media either to warn of a strike or to claim responsibility for one. Its core group has terrorists from various backgrounds–from doctors, professors and engineers to thieves.
It has been estabished that Yasin had regular contacts with family and friends in Bhatkal, going by the phone calls. Even while saying he was cut off from the family, his father says that media should not conduct trial on its own. But media has always been into it good or bad. Only, it should not hamper the investigations that can lead to the arrest of Riaz and Iqbal, the next target of the police.

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