‘Straw Hat Bandit’ arrested in 11 bank robberies

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‘Straw Hat Bandit’ arrested in 11 bank

‘Straw Hat Bandit’ arrested in 11 bank robbreies

New York, 4/21

A Pennsylvania bank robber who earned the

nickname “straw hat bandit” for wearing

colorful head wear during heists was

arrested on Thursday for a string of 11

robberies, authorities said.

Richard Boyle, 57, was expected to appear

in federal court on Thursday on charges

that he robbed the banks in suburban

Pennsylvania between 2012 and 2016.

Boyle previously served three years in

prison after pleading guilty in 2008 to

robbing eight banks in Pennsylvania and

was released in August 2011.

US authorities said Boyle made off with

approximately $500,000 during his latest

crime spree and used his aerial

photography business to launder a portion

of the proceeds.

Boyle concealed his face using a

pillowcase, a bandana or a mask and

sported numerous hats, including a straw

hat, a bucket hat and a baseball cap,

according to authorities.

Boyle was already in state prison on a

probation violation and was transferred to

federal custody for his court appearance.

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