A Missed Call is a Missed Business Opportunity:Ozonetel

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Ozonetel is a Telco grade platform on the cloud which provides its service across 65 countries. Businesses can now provide 24X7 customer support by making no investment in/for on-site technology.

Ozonetel believes that a good and reliable communication system is essential for the smooth functioning of every business.  Valuing every call to your business is what we give priority to! We believe that a missed call is a business opportunity lost. With Cloudagent from Ozonetel, you do not need to worry about missing a single customer call as it allows your business to professionally respond and analyze each customer call. Cloud Agent provides a hassle free way to set up your business and manage the customer communication anywhere be it locally or globally. All that you’ll require is a phone to log onto our platform, internet and a browser.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems enable 24×7 automated services from anywhere. IVRs are very beneficial to businesses, as they enable uninterrupted service and reduce cost of human resources involved. The Pay-as-you-go price model helps businesses to bring down their set-up cost dramatically, and can reallocate the funds to grow their business. Businesses that are keen to use Ozonetel’s platform will see an immediate ROI in terms of productivity as well as show an increased bottom line. Ozonetel’s platform is robust, reliable and scalable. It can grow as the customer’s business grows. The problems regarding technology becoming obsolete will not impact the business’ growth because owners will not have to make any investments in on-premises equipment.

Currently, Ozonetel has 13 PoPs in India and Pops in Europe, US, Singapore & Malaysia

Key Benefits to the Customer’s Business- Never miss a sales call, Increase topline by handling all incoming sales calls in real time, Allows business mobility – sales & support can be in different geographical locations,     The cost & time of adoption is much lower than the legacy hardware solutions, No upfront cost, no impact of technology obsoletion, The solution  is highly scalable, device agnostic and flexible as you can operate across multiple locations across the globe seamlessly, Easy to use yet versatile in terms of reports and call details, Helps you grow your business through better customer engagement through Marketing, Sales & Support etc.

Profile of Founders
Murthy Chintalapati
Founder & CEO

Murthy Chintalapati, a serial technology entrepreneur started his first venture Intoto in 1997 at San Jose, California. Intoto developed security technologies that were licensed to OEMs like Nortel, Motorola etc. Intoto was acquired by Freescale Semiconductor in 2008 and Murthy moved on to establish Ozonetel. A Masters in electrical engineering from IIT, Delhi (1985), Murthy had successful stints with ECIL Hyderabad, AT& T (US), and NEC, before venturing to become an entrepreneur.

Atul Sharma
Co Founder & CTO

Atul, a product architect, is the catalyst behind the KooKoo Enterprise platform. He comes with 14+ years of experience in building solutions in enterprise telecom space. His stints in the US with Avaya, AT&T and Tellme meant immense exposure to and vast experience in handling Lucent, Avaya, CISCO, Nortel & other Telecom products. Atul brings his deep domain knowledge of self service applications & Customer Interaction Management space to bear on the solutions and services that Ozonetel delivers.
for more visit www.ozonetel.com or call 1844 2908 698 (Toll Free in NA).

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