GITAM Student Addressed Cosmos Club in US

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Bay News Network, Visakhapatnam: One among the top 10 innovators in the country particularly engineering final year student from GITAM University I.Krishna Sai has addressed the top scientist forum in US as well as India Embassy. The Cosmos Club is known for its reputed members particularly three Presidents, two Vice Presidents, a dozen Supreme Court Justices, 32 Nobel Prize winners, 56 Pulitzer Prize winners and 45 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

GITAM Student I.Krishna Sai also attending the startup companies meeting today.


Product    : TAPARCH, Visually Challenged People Ergonomic Footwear.

Context : Visit to Washington DC & California. on 26th September.

A Footwear technology which aides the visually challenged people in identifying and isolating the obstacles which are in the range of 2cm to 4m ahead of them through specified/unspecified tracks and the obstacle(s) which have no prior interaction with them.
National Award winning product in the program Indian Innovation Growth Program, IIGP 2014.

Being a student Entrepreneur it was the highest degree of anyone’s sheer privilege to be invited by Indo-American science &Technology Forum & Standford Graduate School of Business to take part in the India’s TOP 10 innovators visit to The United States of America, Washington DC & California in order to observe the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Technology Commercialization at their place.

The program lasted for couple of weeks but the Impact was lifetime on the lives of India’s 10 Innovators.

Another intended purpose of Krishnasai’s visit to The United States of America was that to give Business Pitching to the Venture Capitalists at Tie-Fostering  Enterpreneurship California. There were +100 folks who owns varied companies and CEO’s and a VC Panel. The Business pitch which I have done resulted in more than +30 Company people appreciation towards the job done and the association to assist in the Business Development.

Top 10 Innovators of the country INDIA, have visited few Incubation cells like Run way Incubators& Start X a Stanford University Incubation cell Leading Corporate companies like GE, Pandora, Baker Hughes.

Networking sessions with Brazilian start-up company folks.

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