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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy


This relates to those so-called teachers who are themselves ignorant. It is like the blind leading the blind. The paths taught by the so-called wise men revolving round Karma or mere theoretical discourses can never lead one to renunciation or Gjnaana. This Mantra is found in the Mundakopanishad (1-2-8) also. The intellectual pride of men about this knowledge of spiritual secrets is also condemned by the God. The followers of such men also are being led blindly.

6. Na saamparaayah pratibhaati baalam
Pramaadyantam vittamohena moodham
Ayam loko naasti para iti maanee
Punah punarvasamaapadyate me

Meaning :

Like the one who is caught in dangers due to greed for money, the fool has no sense of the after-life future in his mind. Men who believe that there is nothing else except this world are coming into my hold (death) again and again.

The ignorance of men is again described. People do not think of a distant future. Their thoughts are limited to the future in this world only. Such people are only meeting their inevitable end, repeatedly.

… to be continued

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