Katha Yoga

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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy

7. Sravanaayaapi bahubhiryo na labhyah
Srinvanto api bahavo yam na vidyuh
Aascharyo vaktaa kusalo asya labdhaa
Aascharyo gjnaataa kusalaanusishtah

Meaning :

Much intellectual explanation and even much listening to such teaching does not grant the experience of the Truth. Rare are those who have taught it and equally rare are those who have learnt it. Such a man who could give such a teaching and one who experienced it at his heart (by taking this teaching inside) are a wonder indeed.


Any amount of study or discourse does not reveal the secret. He is a wonder who is so wise as to be benefited by mere teaching.

8. Na narenaavarena prokta esha
Suvigjneyo bahudhaa chintyamaanah
Ananyaprokte gatiratra naasti
Aneeyan atarkyam anupramaanaat

Meaning :

This (the Aatma or Brahman), when described by a commoner (or an ignorant man) is expressed and explained in many ways. It is neither understood easily nor has it any other means of expression than that of man. It is subtle like an atom, even subtler than it, totally beyond grasp and is beyond all logical interpretation.

… to be continued

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