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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy

10. Jaanaamyahagm sevadhirityanityam
Na hyadhrivaih praapyate hi dhrivam tat
Tato mayaa Naachiketaschito agni
Ranityaih dravyaih praaptavaanasmi

Meaning :

“This body is ephemeral in nature like material treasure, this I know for sure. The fact that these temporary things (erudition, health, bodily vigour etc.) cannot give the lasting goal is also known to me fully. By performing the Nachiketaagni-sacrifice with these impermanent implements however, I have become the attainer of the permanent one (the Brahman)”.


Ascribed to Yama it would mean, “I have seen the Nachiketaagni whose nature is to give only ephemeral results, when performed as a material ritual. But remember that I sacrificed the ephemeral results in the same Yagjna to get the permanent and indestructible bliss. I am God, for having sacrificed the ephemeral results of Karmas. In fact, not only the material possessions but also the ephemeral benefits should be sacrificed in Nachiketaagni. This is the secret of the Nachiketaagni that releases you from the bondage”.

… to be continued

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