Katha Yoga

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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy

10. Kaamasyaaptim jagatah pratishtaam
Kratoranantya mabhayasya paaram
Stomamahadurugaayam pratishtaam

Dhrityaa dheero Nachiketo atyasraaksheeh

Meaning :
Oh Nachiketa! You have left (or rejected) the path of fulfillment of worldly desires through the physical sacrificial rituals. With that, you have landed on the shore of fearlessness and of infinity and have become eternally strengthened by having the vision of that all-adorable ultimate.
Comment: The world is dependent on the ephemeral results of Karma. By rejecting them, you have crossed over the limits of all mortality and entered into the region of truth as a wise man.

12. Tam durdarsam goodhamanupravishtam
Guhaahitam gahvareshtam puraanam
Adhyaatmayogaadhigamena devam
Matvaa dheero harshasokou jahaati

Meaning :
That ultimate truth cannot be envisioned. Since it is residing within, it is inscrutable; it is in the unapproachable region of the heart-cave, and it is indeed the ancient one. The wise, realising that it is only obtained through the practice of Dhyaana Yoga (meditational approach), are conquering the duality of happiness and sorrow.

Comment: The secret truth inside the Heart can be reached only through Adhyaatma Yoga, not by mere ritual. Those who reached it have forever crossed the duality of sorrow and happiness.

… to be continued

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