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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy


He is not apparent (to the normal vision) but is perceived only by a very keen intellect of great concentration and attention, that is Tapas alone.
13.    Yachchedvaagmanasee praagjnah
Tadyachchet gjnaana aatmani
Gjnaanamaatmani mahati niyachchet
Tadyachchet saanta aatmani

Meaning :

The man with discrimination should merge the word (organ of speech) into the mind; mind into the sense of discrimination; discrimination into the self and the self into the Aatma.

14.    Uttishtata jaagritha
Praapya varaannibodhata
Kshurasyadhaaraa nisitaa duratyayaa
Durgam patham tatkavayo vadanti

Meaning :

Oh Nachiketa! Get up, wake up; having obtained the desired boons, attain the realisation of the Brahman. The path to it is like a walk on the razor’s edge (fraught with many dangers) and difficult to pass over – so say the Gjnaanis.

15.    Asabda masparsa maroopa mavyayam
Tathaa rasam nitya
magandhavachcha yat
Anaadyanantam mahatah param dhrivam
Nichaayya tam

(to be continued)

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