Katha Yoga

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SivanandamurthyBy satguru

sri sri sivananda murthy


The Mantra 5 of the 5th Valli reads :

Na praanena na apaanena martyo jeevati kaschana
Itarena tu jeevanti yasminnetaa upaasritou

Man does not merely live on Praana or Apaana, but on the strength of that Aatma which is responsible for the Praanas to function. There is an interesting Mantra (6.4) which refers to a Yogi (or one with merit earned otherwise), taking his birth in the higher worlds. It says, if one has not realised the Brahman, but is freed from Prakriti on earth for a while before he leaves his body in this world, he, even if a merited soul, has to take repeated births till he is freed from an ego-consciousness.

In Mantra (6.5), it is described how one sees the Aatma in oneself:

Yathaa darse tathaa aatmani
Yathaa svapne tathaa pitruloke
Yathaapsu pareevadadrise tathaa
Chaayaatapayo riva Brahmaloke

(to be continued)

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